The SPACE Collection founded Abstraction in Action as its main philanthropic initiative; together they produce exhibitions, publications and provide resources in the field. Abstraction in Action is a broad and dynamic platform dedicated to the promotion of contemporary abstract art that Latin America has been producing since the 1990s seeking to activate the field and foster new perspectives. Encompassing a dynamic online database of Latin American contemporary abstract artists, the interactive website provides context, information, dialogues with artists, and resources for the field.

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Exhibitions and Projects

Exhibitions and projects promote curatorial initiatives that encompass site-specific projects, monographic exhibitions of emerging and mid-career artists, art commissions, and research based group shows focusing on contemporary abstract art from Latin America. These projects aim to provide an international platform for artists working in the field, while promoting critical debate and creative frameworks for contemporary abstraction.


Publications produce emerging and mid-career artists‘ monographs, exhibition catalogues with a thematic focus, and collection publications centered on contemporary abstraction in Latin America. These publications are designed to fill a void of information in the field, to develop new knowledge and produce reference bibliography to activate future research, while promoting artists, researchers and writers from Latin America.


Research aims to promote new knowledge and research in the field of contemporary abstraction in Latin America. Since the 1990s abstract art both in Latin America and internationally is a renewed and innovative practice, nevertheless little scholarship is being produced on this field relating to our continent. Despite that Latin American modernism is being internationally acknowledged as an important contribution to 20th century art, there is neither inclusion nor analysis of the latest chapter on abstraction from Latin America. The SPACE Collection aims to fill this void and further knowledge on contemporary abstract art in the continent.

Public Outreach

The SPACE Collection purposes to make a relevant contribution to the Southern California, Latin America, and international artistic community in promoting intercultural dialogue, awareness, the enjoyment of art through exhibitions, art projects, educational and public programs such as guided tours, artists and curators’ talks and performances.