Established by SPACE founders Sammy Sayago and Nicholas Pardon, the SPACE Collection is the largest collection in the United States focused on post 1990s abstract art in Latin America. Curated by British-Venezuelan art historian Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, the Collection is committed to inspiring and expanding the understanding of Latin American art within the global context.

SPACE Collection articulates the language of abstraction and serves as testimony to the fact that Latin America has produced some of the world’s most dynamic, original and exciting art. The diverse collection celebrates both traditional and non-traditional art forms from paintings, drawings and photography to sculpture, video art and site-specific installations. Contemporary Abstraction is experimental in nature and, thereby, the collection is rich in unconventional materials including found wood, eggshells, recycled tires, galvanized metals and sheepskin. Featuring artists from regions as diverse as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, the works are characterized by their experimentalism, aesthetic resourcefulness and conceptual poignancy.

SPACE Collection, SPACE, Irvine, CA
Photo credit: SPACE Collection, Saad Hameed

The Collection’s distinct focus on post 1990s abstract Latin American art builds on the modernist tradition and is one of the most inspiring and inventive areas of contemporary art in Latin America today. Contemporary Abstraction was particularly compelling to the founders, as it is intellectually challenging, contemporary and in concert with the abstract nature of technology.

Latin American art is finally being recognized as a key player in the global art scene for its contribution to modernism and conceptual art throughout the 20th Century and in the new Millennium. Given the significant and ever-growing number of Latinos living in the United States and their influential role in the country, the Collection is particularly relevant and plays a significant role in informing and igniting dialogue. Predating the upcoming 2017 PST LA / LA, the SPACE Collection is further testimony to the undeniable importance of Latin America in today’s global discourse.

Karina Peisajovich, Color Making Machine, 2008, SPACE, Irvine, CA
Photo credit: SPACE Collection, Maxwell Rivas

Curated by Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, SPACE is currently presenting its inaugural exhibition, Monochrome Undone, a show about the contemporary monochrome in Latin America, which showcases 68 artworks by 36 international artists including diverse media, 3-dimensional sculptural installations, found and reimagined objects, video and site-specific installation, as well as a 240-page catalogue.